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Super Plane
Giant Swallowtail Stipling
Sleepy Hollow
Fife Symington - Pen & Ink Stipling
Michael Douglas -  Pen & Ink Stipling
105mm Spooky DTA
105mm Spooky DTA Detail
105mm Inscription

Early Works & Other Media

Here are some pieces that go back a fair number of years to my childhood, high school, and college years along with some unconventional projects.  It's always fascinating to look back and see how I've evolved with my style and technique and just a lot of fun to see some of these older works.  You'll also notice different media usage to include digital design, pen & ink stipling, colored pencil, and yes, even crayon.  I owe my parents a lot for preserving several of these drawings and paintings through the years.   Click/tap on any image to freeze and enlarge.

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