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USAF Weapons School 75th Anniversary Commemorative Painting
Danger - High Voltage
In Hog Heaven
43rd ECS 100th Anniversary
A Star Is Born
UH-60-USMA-US Capitol
Miles Simon - The Shot
F-16C & F-22A Over Arizona


Oils are by far my favorite medium.  The slower drying time permits layering and blending of color and the challenge of mixing or creating the proper hue is one of the things that make oil painting so enjoyable to me.  I also will use acrylics, especially to lay in large swaths of color for the backgrounds of paintings, especially those with expansive skyscapes or landscapes.  The aviation themed pieces I produce are generally rendered with more detail while I've tended to be looser with brushwork and color when depicting sports scenes, landscapes, and other themes.  Click/tap on any image to freeze and enlarge.

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