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479 OSS Litho
USAFA Graduation 2023 Litho
Aviation Retirement Commission
USAFA 2022 Graduation Litho
PACAF A5 Litho
42 ECS Litho Final
USMC Artillery
RC-135 & EC-130H at Offutt AFB
8th Weapons Squadron 35th Anniversary
14th Weapons Squadron Litho
RIVET JOINT Over Parthenon
355th Operations Group Litho
42 ECS-755 OSS 1st Sergeant Farewell
MQ-9 Weapons School Patch
8th Weapons Squadron Old Crows Litho
EC-130H - Operation Iraqi Freedom
19th Weapons Squadron Litho
Enola Gay - Tinian
PRC Weapon Systems

Pencil sketchwork of airplanes is something I've been doing for over 30 years.  I was initially inspired as a 10-year old by Rich Cline who was a squadron mate of my father in AT-38s at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.  Later, I was drawn to the excellent work of several aviation artists who specialized in pencil sketchwork and brought a level of detail and realism to aviation art that I hadn't seen before.  Nearly all of my drawings are done in pencil, usually ranging between HB and 2B weight.  I like to let the graphite or lack thereof do all the work, typically doing very little blending or burnishing for most of my drawings.  Click/tap on any image to freeze and enlarge.

D r a w i n g s

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